We provide the advice necessary to help you manage risk and improve your business performance. Our specialized team offers an independent examination and evaluation of the activities of the entire business with the aim of ensuring:

  • Strategic business objectives are being met
  • Performance goals are being met
  • Systems of internal control are effective and cost efficient
  • Appropriate financial controls are in place
  • Compliance with statutory legislation
  • Information Technology Advisory

Our professionals can deliver objective, value-added solutions that will enable you to strengthen internal controls and governance processes, implement sound organisational strategies, increase technological capabilities and improve your operational efficiency.

Our services include:

  • Corporate Governance
    • Corporate governance design
    • Corporate governance compliance
    • Board effectiveness reviews
  • Internal Audit
    • Outsourced internal audit
    • Co-sourced internal audit
    • Effectiveness and improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Control Review (ICR)
  • Developing Standard Operating Policies & Procedures


Grant Thornton provides investigative accounting, tracing and legal support and expert witness services to a wide range of clients dealing with civil, criminal and insurance matters.

We have a team of partners and qualified staff working on contentious matters. All members of the team are familiar with different types of claims and disputes as well as with the evidential and procedural requirements of the range of forums in which they might be assessed or concluded.

Our forensic specialists can draw upon Grant Thornton's wide experience of local, national and international businesses and institutions. We also have specific industry knowledge of many sectors.

Our contribution is robust, recognizing that independence and objectivity are essential requirements.

We can help you from before a claim is brought through to negotiating a final settlement.

Our dynamic partner-led teams aim to add value on all assignments by:

  • Identifying and focusing on the real issues and providing imaginative and original solutions;
  • Working closely and effectively with the legal team and other professional advisors or authorities;
  • Providing a cost-effective, value for money service;
  • Tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements of individual assignments;
  • Preparing comprehensive, understandable robust reports, often including computer generated visual aids.

Our services include:

  • Computer forensics
    • Capturing critical evidence
    • Supporting you with eDiscovery
  • Investigations
  • Dispute resolution


Our services include:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Payroll Processing
  • Legal, Agent, Sponsorship and other services
  • Liquidation

Business Risk services brochure (PDF)