About global Tax

Ambitious organisations need to consider their tax affairs carefully to gain trust and stay ahead of their competitors.

At Grant Thornton, tax is a key part of our organisation and our award-winning teams can offer you a range of solutions, whatever the size of your business or the challenges you’re facing.

Using a combination of reason and instinct, we can work with you to develop a strategy that helps you both understand and manage your tax liability in a transparent and ethical way.

How we work 

Whether you’re a medium-sized dynamic business or a multinational company, we offer one-to-one access to senior tax people across the globe. Our teams listen closely to your needs and respond quickly with insightful solutions.

We could assist in several capacities:

Tax Planning

Provide your company with Tax Advice report on tax status under the Kuwait income tax law. In this service, we carry out a study of the project in light of the Kuwait income tax law and double taxation avoidance agreement between your country and Kuwait (if any) and advice you regarding the expected tax liability and all matters pertaining to your presence in Kuwait in an effort to assist you in sound  planning for tax purposes.

Tax Audit

Annual review of the profit and loss statements provided by your accounts team aiming at conducting a tax audit on the income statement only for the purpose of supporting your kuwait income tax declaration. Carry out audit tests by selecting a sample of transaction for verification to supporting source documentation, such as relevant agreements, invoices and evidence of payments. The basis of our audit will be Kuwait income tax law.

Tax Declaration

We would undertake the following procedures with relation to review/audit of your annual tax declaration, follow-ups regarding inspections by tax authorities, and obtaining of the Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC). The procedures we will undertake are:

  • Initial Registration of your with Department of Income Tax (DIT) at the Kuwait Ministry of Finance.
  • Annual review of Tax Declaration and supporting schedules.
  • Submission of declaration in Arabic language.
  • Follow-ups with DIT and hosting inspectors during inspection.
  • Requisition of annual Tax Clearance Certificate. 

Doing business in Kuwait (PDF)