We provide full-service Advisory capability to help dynamic organizations. Our focus is on our client’s market – their industry, their current and future issues. Through clear insights, practical solutions and an unmatched commitment to quality, we help clients solve problems, manage risk and seize opportunities to unlock their potential for growth.

In working with us to reach your growth objectives, you can benefit from:

Unmatched quality and the scores to prove it – Providing partner access and attention, our superior client service is built on deep relationships that increase our understanding of your industry and your business – resulting in clear communication.

Full-service Advisory portfolio that’s easy to access – We bring full range of services and capabilities to match the largest firms, address your complex challenges and help you at every stage of growth for your organization.

Deep specialization to get to the root of the issue – We bring the subject matter specialists to the table– they know your industry and understand the challenges you face, be their regulatory or market oriented. Our business and financial acumen pinpoints the right solution to help you achieve measurable results.

Global reach with local know-how –Through Grant Thornton International Ltd member firms operating in more than 100 countries. You gain access to insight on international business issues, but never without intimate knowledge of local culture, laws and regulatory requirements.

Our advisory services include:

Transaction advisory:

Due diligence

Transaction success is based on more than numbers. We provide a business approach to due diligence covering financial, tax, IT, compliance, operations and HR/culture. Our process can be your integrated, one-stop solution to help you examine the fine print and uncover all of the detailed answers to the complex questions you have about your acquisition or divestiture. Our experienced team can help you adequately assess the underlying business and eliminate surprises – increasing chances for transaction success.

Capital markets

As you evaluate your portfolio of assets and prepare for a potential transaction, turn to a middle-market specialist who can provide you with insights to optimize your decisions and strategic thinking. We offer a range of services including outsourced corporate development, business modeling, valuation services, sell-side and buy-side investment banking and advisory, capital efficiency and strategic options review, restructuring advisory, and IPO preparation.

Transaction integration

By putting a plan in place and using an objective, experienced team to guide the process, companies can integrate their acquisitions quickly, increase the likelihood of success and create additional value. Grant Thornton’s transaction integration professionals help clients identify critical success factors and develop a roadmap for a smooth integration of the acquisition target.

M&A tax

We provide tax structuring services to assist you in determining a tax-efficient structure in which to operate your business. From analysis of the tax implications of asset versus stock purchase structures to strategies that optimize taxes, to consideration of state and foreign tax issues, our M&A tax practitioners will help you navigate and resolve complex tax matters.


The ability to identify, understand, manage and maximize organizational value is critical to your company’s growth. So, whether you’re selling or buying a business, or just complying with complex financial reporting and tax issues, Grant Thornton’s specialists are the solution.

Our valuation services include:


Tangible or intangible valuations for sound decision-making. High-quality, supportable valuation analyses that are relevant for companies facing reorganization, liquidation, bankruptcy or emergence from bankruptcy. 


Financial consulting, litigation support and expert testimony to reach resolution. Case assessment strategy development, supportable expert report preparation, settlement negotiation and alternative dispute resolution assistance, and gathering of economic evidence to support testifying at trial. 

Financial reporting

Full range of fair value valuation services to satisfy the scrutiny of auditors, other regulatory bodies. Comprehensive technical accounting and valuation knowledge improves the transparency, timeliness and accuracy of financial reporting requirements to comply with standards and regulatory scrutiny. 

Intellectual property

Time-tested approach to create, protect and maximize value. Financial, competitive and industry experience focused on managing intellectual assets, including value extraction, license and royalty compliance testing, calculating damages, evaluating mergers and acquisitions transactions, and testifying in federal and state courts.

Tax valuation

Valuation of assets involved in tax disputes and transactions - a critical component of tax planning. Formulate optimal tax compliance and planning strategies - a business valuation across a company’s entire capital structure, including common shares, must be robust and comprehensive to meet regulatory guidelines.  

Transactional analysis

Full range of integrated services focused on complex financial instruments and valuation t0 asset allocations. Supporting clients from early stages of a transaction, through the ongoing impairment testing of acquired assets, and beyond with a focus on M&A transactions, distributions, liquidations, reorganizations, bankruptcies, spinoffs, or taxable sales of stock or assets.


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